Personal History


Throughout my life I have gravitated towards those around me whose talents exceeded my own. I sat close to to them, listening and learning. But in my years back in Washington, DC I began speaking confidently as the teacher. In my adult life I have found I'm consistently the most trusted voice in the room and the first to be called for help or counsel. I possess a large emotional IQ as well as spacial and visual abilities, plus I'm experienced as a sacred intimate and surrogate, giving me a broad understanding of the complexities around emotional and physical connections. 
I have spent years guiding individuals after intense histories of child sexual assault, struggles to come out to their families as queer,  drug and alcohol abuse,  interpersonal & business challenges, mental wellness and depression/anxiety, breakups and divorce, family issues surrounding generational disfunction and poverty, as well as career and general life guidance. Through recent trainings with the Body Electric School and the Coaches Training Institute I have been personal life coaching for two years, and complete my ICF certification December 2017. 

My Expertise

  • Career coaching, connecting an individual's personal gifts, shaping work choices and life balances
  • Personal value and individual self worth
  • Highly skilled with family systems: siblings, parents, children & partners
  • A sex and body positive coach
  • Obesity and other body challenges, including disabilities (mental/physical)
  • LGBTQ issues around coming out and emergence at all stages of life, includes work with transgender populations
  • Gifted at coaching the creative and artistic mind
  • Deep knowledge of mental illness and how to manage 
  • Experienced with addiction and recovery
  • And the after effects of abuse: verbal, sexual, physical, psychological 

Professional History

  • AOL
  • Bank of America
  • Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
  • Wolf Trap Center for the Performing Arts
  • James Madison University
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • The Container Store
  • Clyde's Restaurant Group
  • Countryside Animal Clinic