...Coaching me on everything from business to intimate relationships, his varied background gives him many life experiences to draw from. Never afraid to be honest, he's taught me to love and accept myself better. 



Disabilities advocate and POET, WASHINGTON, DC


Grey is the kind of person who pays attention, not only to his clients, but to the social pressures and conflicts that may influence (or trigger) people in general.  I knew immediately that Grey was an active and engaged Coach, and that he was helping me discover important truths about my health, my romantic relationships and my (dysfunctional) family. I am someone who had been in traditional psychotherapy for over 15 years, but it was with Grey's coaching and insights that I made the most progress in understanding myself and finding the tools that (finally) work for me to continue to grow into the person I want to become.  






Grey has been one of the best coaches in my life. Helping me not only in my artistic creative process, but emotionally coaching me through the most difficult and confusing personal crisis' I have ever encountered. His ability to extend his empathy while keeping a very grounded dynamic is incredible. He brings a calm confidence to the coaching process that's needed to work through extremely tough circumstances. 

International Interiors Designer, NYC

Grey has coached me professionally, creatively and with my relationships to break down the road blocks and unproductive thought patterns I have in those areas. He creates a calm and approaches coaching with clarity and control. That energy is contagious. Within that calm, the space for me develops to tame the fear that arises when approaching the changes I need to make.