answers can be found if we know how to look for them. expert guidance through life will bring us further than we can possibly imagine. the breadth of your mind can open toward powerful understanding when Led by the eyes of wisdom. Led to places filled with acceptance and love of who you are truly meant to be

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  • Highly skilled around family systems: siblings, parents, children & partners

  • Creative project coaching. Skilled working with artistic minds

  • I have experience coaching transgendered persons and work with people on issues of emergence at all stages of life 

  • I am a sex and body positive coach

  • Coaching to Shape work choices and life balances

I have experience coaching those with

  • Obesity and other body challenges, including disabilities (mental & physical)

  • Struggles with personal value and individual self worth

  • gifted at understanding long term creative struggles and overall stagnancy 

  • Have a deep wisdom of mental illness challenges and how to live with them 

  • Experienced with addiction and recovery

  • Understanding of the after effects of abuse: verbal, sexual, physical, psychological 


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Grey Jacks ACC Certified Life Coach